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Nicole Kidman Shares Update On 'Big Little Lies' Season 3

Photo: Getty Images

Big Little Lies is coming back! At least according to Nicole Kidman. On Friday, November 18th, the actress lit up the internet with an exciting update on the hit HBO show. During an LPGA-hosted event during the CME Group Tour Championship, Nicole shared the update after a fan in the audience asked her about her favorite roles.

"I loved Big Little Lies," she said, prompting fans to applaud. "It sort of came at a time in my life when I had my children and I was thinking I was going to retire and then this situation came along where Reese Witherspoon and I were able to produce that show and create that show. And then all of you watched it and made it a massive success."

She then added, "We will be bringing you a third one, just FYI."

According to the Wrap, HBO has declined to comment on Kidman's claim. Fans have been holding out hope for a third season after Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger back in July 2019.

A year after the season aired, Kidman said of the possibility of a new season, "There are so many great stories to tell and I am open to all the different horizons. We all love each other and want to work together. We’re deeply intertwined now," per the Wrap. She went on, “Whether that [camaraderie yields] a story that will be fascinating and complex and important, that’s a different thing. It would need to be a story that makes our jaws drop.”