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NASA Scientists Perplexed By Question Mark-Shaped Object In Deep Space


There are many undiscovered and unexplained mysteries in space, and more and more are getting uncovered thanks to technological advances and the world's space agencies using them to explore the universe. Among those amazing tools is the James Webb Space Telescope, which in less than two years has already sent back some incredible cosmic images, but a recent one has scientists puzzled.

The photo is a remarkable one of a pair of actively forming stars that are some 1,470 light-years away in the Vela Constellation. They are surrounded by distant stars and galaxies that are awe-inspiring, but if you look closely under the dust and gas that surrounds the forming stars, you can see a shape you might not expect in outer space - a question mark.


According to, scientists aren't exactly sure what the astral punctuation is, but based on its strange shape and red color, they think it is a distant galaxy or a pair of interacting galaxies. One expert at the Space Telescope Science Institute excitedly said, "This may be the first time we've seen this particular object. Additional follow-up would be required to figure out what it is with any certainty. Webb is showing us many new, distant galaxies—so there's a lot of new science to be done!"

Scientists have been pretty busy figuring out all the mysteries of space. There are plenty being uncovered right now in our own galaxy where Mars rovers are currently roaming across the Red Planet, collecting samples and sending back photos, including some strange ones like of odd carvings, an "alien boot," a mysterious doorway, a "lightsaber," metallic wreckage, "alien arms," a flying UFO, a crashed UFO, an "alien" statue, and even what looks like an actual alien.