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Demi Lovato Re-Records 'Heart Attack' For 10-Year Anniversary

Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato is back with another rock anthem, but this time it's a reimagined version of one of the biggest in their discography. On Friday, March 24th, the vocalist released a rock version of her 2013 pop anthem "Heart Attack." Demi also shared a video showing them in the studio, belting out the song's cathartic high notes. "Yes, I re-recorded the vocals," they captioned the black and white video.

The rock version was first heard on Demi's HOLY FVCK tour last year. Amid the setlist of new rock offerings, the singer threw in some of her classic pop bangers and updated them to fit their return-to-rock era.

“I saw [my fans] rocking out to it, and it just brought a lot of joy to my heart,” Demi told Billboard. “I wouldn’t have believed that I would be re-recording this song for a 10 year anniversary because it was that special. But being able to see it from that perspective today is really exciting to me.”

In hindsight, Demi also shared that she feels the song means more to her now, 10 years later. After surviving an overdose, going in and out of rehab in front of the press, and coming out as non-binary, the lyrics to "Heart Attack" hold more weight. "I was so young, and I was a completely different person back then,” Demi explained to Billboard. “I hadn’t come out as non-binary yet, so when I look back, I see a totally different person than I am today. But I still love that girl, I love that part of me.”