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Paris Hilton Reveals The Unexpected Origin Story Of 'That's Hot'

Photo: Getty Images

Paris Hilton's new book Paris: The Memoir is here and in it, the heiress revealed that she actually got her signature catchphrase, "That's hot" from someone in her family. In a passage from the memoir, shared by People, Paris confesses that she first heard her younger sister Nicky Hilton say the phrase in middle school.

"At some point, I heard Nicky say 'That's hot,' and it resonated with me. I wrote it in my diary and doodled flowers and fireworks around it. It's such a great statement, isn't it? Positive. Unpretentious. The word hot is evocative; there's energy in it," Paris writes, adding that she saw the phrase as "a little positive affirmation."

The new mother continues, "Suddenly there seemed to be a lot of things in my world that deserved this little accolade, and I recorded them faithfully in my diary. Mom got me markers with glitter in them. That's hot. We learned how to diagram sentences. That's hotNicole [Richie] is sleeping over the whole weekend. That's hot."

Paris and Nicole made the phrase famous on their reality show The Simple Life but before that, it turns out that Hilton made it popular at school. "Pretty soon all the kids in my class were saying, 'That's hot,'" she writes. "Like I made 'fetch' happen!" She eventually trademarked the catchphrase after season 2 of The Simple Life.

Hilton has been using a new catchphrase, "sliving," in recent years, which she also writes about in the book. "Sliving is a word I invented a few years ago at a Halloween party. I started to say 'slaying' but took a sharp left toward 'living your best life,' and 'sliving' came out," she writes. "We all died laughing, but I was thinking, That's a great word. Ima trademark that s--- like yesterday."