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Lorde Updates Fans With A Series Of New Selfies On Her Instagram Story

Photo: Getty Images

Lorde doesn't make social media posts often, most of her communication with fans comes through her emails so when she posts to Instagram people pay attention. So when she dropped almost 20 new photos on her Instagram story this afternoon it got people talking right away. While she doesn't reveal any new information about upcoming music or shows she does provide some context about what she's been up to.

The main thing generating everyone's interest is a close-up look at Lorde's blonde hair, which she first debuted during Glastonbury last year. About half of the new pictures are selfies, with the rest being made up of pictures of Lorde's friends, shots of nature, and selected passages from various books, stories, and poems Lorde has apparently been reading.

Lorde has been characteristically radio silent since releasing her third studio album Solar Power in 2021. The deluxe edition of the record is still the most recent new material we've heard her on to this day. The most talked about Lorde moment since then was early last year when a video of her shushing fans at a stop on her Melodrama tour went viral and she responded with an explanation for her actions.