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Eagle-Eyed Fans Decode Chat Between Harry Styles & Taylor Swift At Grammys

Photo: Getty Images

"There's really nothing that they can't accomplish." Taylor Swift said it herself about her fans at the Grammys — and she's right. Fans might have just uncovered what she and Harry Styles were talking about during the award show on Sunday (February 5).

As we all know already, unless you live under a rock, exes Harry and Taylor were spotted chatting it up during the Grammys. Photos and videos have been making the rounds on social media about their conversation, but now we might finally have some answers. A fan named Gracie shared her theory on TikTok and it's amassed hundreds of comments from others who agree with her.

Toward the end of the conversation between Harry and Taylor, the "As It Was" singer seemingly tells her about the mishap that happened during his performance. Several of Harry's dancers have come forward to explain that the stage was spinning the wrong way during the performance, forcing everyone to improvise and adjust during the performance. Harry's seen on stage slyly rotating his finger around to let the crew know something was wrong, but the problem wasn't fixed during his performance.

In his conversation with Taylor, you can see Harry twirling his finger around again, probably telling her about what happened on stage. Fans in the comments of the TikTok said they saw other angles of their conversation in which the "Lavender Haze" singer making the same spinning motion during their conversation.

Gracie slowed down the original TikTok and even broke it down for viewers. After Harry tells Taylor that the stage was spinning the wrong way, Taylor is seen leaning back and making a shocked face. "Maybe I'm crazy, but I really don't think I am. I think Harry's telling Taylor that the stage was turning the wrong way. ... Like, I don't know. I just really think I'm right about this one here," Gracie says in the video.

Taylor and Harry first met at the Kids Choice Awards in March 2012 and sparked romance rumors that November after they were spotted wearing matching necklaces. A month later, they were seen on a cozy date in Central Park, but a month after that, they called it quits after a "heated argument" that happened on vacation in the Virgin Islands.

The two have been spotted at several award shows chatting it up since then, including the 2021 Grammys where they had, you guessed it, a secret chat that broke the internet.