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Justin & Hailey Bieber Give Fans A Taste Of What Life As Parents Looks Like

Photo: Getty Images

Justin Bieber's latest Instagram posts have us all like, "Baby, baby, baby, oh!"

The Biebers spent the weekend in Hawaii to celebrate Hailey Bieber's best friend and surfer/model Kelia Moniz's birthday and the photos from the trip have everybody melting! The "Baby" singer shared several photos of him and Hailey with Moniz's two children — and now the internet is running wild with baby fever.

In two photos, JB cradles baby girl Lava in the sweetest way and in another, Hailey is seen carrying her, too. The Biebs also shared a photo of Moniz' older son Liwai at the dinner table.

In a separate photo dump, Justin shared not one, not two, but three adorable photos of him, Hailey and Lava at a sushi restaurant where everyone is all smiles.

Other footage from the Hawaii trip include pics of beautiful rainbows, a funny selfie with a koi pond and even a video of Justin hilariously doing parkour.

As far as the Biebers having a baby of their own, Hailey said it was in the cards, just not now. Back in February 2022, Hailey opened up to the Wall Street Journal about the possibility of her and Justin becoming parents.

"I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try," she said at the time. "But there's a reason they call it try, right? You don't know how long that process is ever going to take. Definitely no kids this year; that would be a little bit hectic, I think.

"There's this thing that happens for women when you get married. Everybody always assumes it's: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby. Well, what about all the things I want to accomplish in my business? I think I had it ingrained in my head that I was going to want to have kids right away and I was going to want to have kids super, super young. Then I turned 25 and I’m like, I'm still super, super young!"

Since Hailey and Justin tied the knot in 2018, they've had their share of pregnancy rumors. The most recent being in November 2022 when she shut down rumors with a photo of her stomach where she revealed she has a large and painful ovarian cyst. "Not a baby," she said, alongside information about her diagnosis.