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Olivia Wilde Addresses Harry Styles "Spit Gate" & Shia LaBeouf Drama

Photo: Getty Images

Olivia Wilde is addressing all of the Don't Worry Darling rumors. The actress and director made a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her upcoming film starring boyfriend Harry Styles and Florence Pugh.

"After working on three years on something like this, it must be particularly frustrating to have people talking about a lot of things that aren't the film itself," Colbert said. "Oh, are they?" Wilde joked before Colbert asks her if there is anything from the list of rumors she would like to clear up on TV.

"The whole experience has sort of changed my way of thinking about the internet and how we chose to interact with it- or not," she said. "But, really, it's kind of ironic, because all of this is really what the film's about. The film is about the narratives we are fed and whether we choose to accept them or question their sources."

To start, Wilde addressed the recent drama with Shia LaBeouf, who was initially hired to play Styles' role. "...There were private messages that were released without context to try to make a situation look like something that it wasn't." In August, LaBeouf released private messages with Wilde after she said she fired him from the film during its early production days. While Wilde said that she made the decision to let him go for the well-being of the rest of the cast, LaBeouf shared that he actually quit and Wilde begged him to stay.

Wilde doubled down on her side of the story in her Late Show interview when Colbert directly asked if she fired LaBeouf. "We had to replace Shia," she said. "He's a fantastic actor but it wasn't gonna work." She continued, “Once it became clear that it was not a tenable working relationship, I was given an ultimatum. I chose my actress, which I’m very happy I did. At the time, was I bummed that we weren’t able to make it work? Sure. Did information about him come to light later that made me confident we made the right decision? Absolutely.”

The next rumor to be addressed was "Spit-Gate" in which fans believed a video from the Venice Film Festival showed Styles spitting on his co-star Chris Pine. "Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? Why or why not? Support your answer," Colbert teased.

Wilde laughed and said, "No, he did not. But I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people will look for drama anywhere they can. Harry did not spit on Chris, in fact…”

For the final rumor, Wilde cleared the air about her supposed "feud" with Pugh.

“I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent,” she told Colbert. “She’s fantastic. She’s on the set of her movie Dune right now, and there’s nothing cooler than a busy actress. I have nothing against her in for any reason.”

Don't Worry Darling hits theaters on September 23rd.