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Natalia Dyer Went To Megan Thee Stallion's Album Party & Fans Are Obsessed

Photo: Getty Images

After bonding during their appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer reunited with rapper Megan Thee Stallion at her album release party for Traumazine. Video footage of the two stars hanging out at the release party was shared on TikTok and fans of the sci-fi series and the hitmaker took to the comments to freak out about their sweet friendship.

"Natalia went to Megan's album release party," wrote the Natalia fan account, "I love my besties." The video shows Dyer and Meg sitting on a black couch being photographed together. The two are seen laughing and Meg eventually waves away the photographers saying, "Okay no more, no more."

The sweet reunion comes after Meg hilariously talked about Natalia's character Nancy Wheeler's love life while co-hosting the late-night show with Fallon. “I’m team Stancy [Steve and Nancy]. I want Steve,” Megan told her. “Let’s talk about it, though. So, boom, at first you like Steve. You was into Steve!” She continued her appreciation for Steve, “But then, you kind of just dumped him. No caution. He didn’t know what was happening. Poor Steve. Y’all keep throwing the kids on him, the babies. He keeps saving y’all life! All he do is safe y’all life!”

Meg took on the co-hosting duties to promote her newly released album Traumazine which dropped on Friday, August 12th. During her interview with Fallon she revealed, “Writing this album, I treated it more like writing in my diary than actually trying to put together a song. I just want to talk about how I really feel and get more personal with my hotties."

Check it out here & watch Meg interview Dyer below!