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Watch Lizzo Hilariously Take On The 'Hot Ones' Challenge

Lizzo took on the beloved Hot Ones challenge on Thursday (August 4) and it's a must-see. In the video uploaded by the popular First We Feast channel, the "Cuz I Love You" singer is seen eating spicy chicken wings as she answers questions about her music. See the video above.

The video hilariously begins with Lizzo confidently predicting that the challenge is going to be “a piece of motherf–kin’ cake.” Later in the video, however, she's seen tearing up as her body shakes due to the spice level of the hot sauce. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” she exclaims before throwing a chicken wing across the room. Despite the difficulty, Lizzo still managed to answer host Sean Evans’ questions about her new album Special.

When asked about how she chooses singles for her albums she responded, “I’m so bad at picking singles for myself because I think everything I do is incredible, I really do." She also shockingly revealed that her hit song "About Damn Time" almost didn't make it as a single — but that she changed her mind when she realized how important the message of the song was. “The ‘I’ve been so down and under pressure, I’m way too fine to be this stressed’ — it’s like, hello!" she explained. "We needed that right then when I dropped that motherf—-r.” Lizzo conquered the challenge in the end and concluded by joking, "this was the highest on my list of goals.”