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This Week's Weird News 1/7/22

Two very weird trailcam pictures that might show paranormal entities, an answer to the 'mystery hut' found on the far side of the moon, and goldfish that can drive were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw a pair of puzzling pictures pop up in the news and the eerie photos just may show some kind of paranormal being. First, from a trailcam in Washington state came a curious snippet of footage wherein a ghostly white figure can seemingly be seen dashing out of sight. A similarly strange picture was taken by a device in Montana although in this instance the entity featured in the photo has drawn comparisons to an alien, since the anomalous interloper sports a bizarre bulbous head akin to the classic gray ET.

In an amazing display of human ingenuity and the remarkable nature of the animal kingdom, scientists in Israel announced this week that they had successfully taught goldfish to drive! The awesome experiment consisted of placing the creatures in a specially designed tank on wheels that was equipped with cameras that sensed the creature's motion in the water. Rewarding the goldfish with a treat if they could drive the vehicle to a target on a wall, the animals quickly learned to 'take the wheel' and eventually were cruising to the spot around obstacles and in less than a minute.

One of the big mysteries of 2021 has already been solved as China's space agency announced that they have determined the nature of the curious 'mystery hut' that their rover spotted on the far side of the moon a few weeks ago. The anomaly, jokingly suggested by some to be an alien's house, captured imaginations when it was first observed back in December. Anxious to see what the weird object might be, the engineers piloting the rover devised a novel way for it to reach the oddity in record time. Alas, when they arrived at the 'hut,' it wound up being just a rock.

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