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This Week's Weird News 12/17/21

A man who attempted to steal a jet to fly to Area 51, a break-in at a haunted tomb, and a bizarre fish with a transparent head were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this past week.

A pair of rather unique purportedly haunted locations popped up in the headlines this past week beginning with a story out of Japan, where the country's newest prime minister took up residence in the Japanese equivalent to the White House. What made the news noteworthy to paranormal enthusiasts is that the stately mansion is said to be haunted and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is actually the first person to live there in nearly a decade after his predecessors passed on the opportunity possibly because of the estate's resident spirits. Meanwhile, over in England, authorities are investigating claims that a miscreant broke into a haunted mausoleum and actually took pictures of himself alongside the corpse of the historic figure kept inside.

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One of Mother Nature's more wondrous creatures found itself in the spotlight this past week when a deep-sea research vessel managed to capture rare footage of a truly strange-looking fish that sports a transparent head. The oddity, known as a barreleye fish, was spotted by scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute as they were using an underwater robotic vehicle to explore a canyon at a depth of around 2,000 feet. In a testament to the rarity of the sighting, the organization marveled that it was only their fourth encounter with the odd animal in over 5,000 dives which produced a staggering 27,600 hours of video.

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Easily the strangest story of the past week unfolded in Las Vegas where a man wound up behind bars following a wild misadventure that if one were to write it as fiction, it would be dismissed as unbelievable. According to police, Matthew Hancock used a limousine to smash through a pair of chain-link fences surrounding the city's McCarran International Airport and then pulled his vehicle alongside a jet on the tarmac. Cops say that the man then proceeded to exit the car, don a clown mask, and declare that he had a bomb. Fortunately, authorities were to apprehend Hancock before the situation got any more out of control and that is when he revealed that his plan had been to steal a jet and fly it to Area 51 to see aliens!