Nicole Richie Shares Terrifying Video Of Her Hair Catching Fire

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party

Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Richie's fortieth birthday party was lit. No, like, actually lit, as in she accidentally set her own hair on fire.

On Tuesday (September 22), the former reality TV star shared what looked like a sweet video showing off her birthday celebrations. As Richie leans over her birthday cake to blow out the candles, Richie's hair catches fire on both sides. As she starts screaming, someone from out of frame reaches over in an attempt to put out the flames. The video cuts out before it shows the flames being totally eliminated.

"Well… so far 40 is [fire]," Riche captioned the video with the fire emoji, showing she has a sense of humor about the terrifying incident.

It seems Richie is okay, as her loved ones also left funny comments on the post. Her husband, Joel Madden, quoted Richie's Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton and wrote simply "that's hot." Her brother-in-law Benji Madden added: "Happy Birthday Sis love you and thankful for you always...stay lit," alongside a fire emoji.

Celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell wrote: "STOP!!! AGAIN?!?!," implying this isn't the first time Richie has leaned too close to birthday candles. Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski added: "I feel awful for laughing I’m sry also happy birthday!!"

Some of Richie's friends, though, expressed concern for the fashion designer. Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo wrote "I hope your okay," while Kelly Rowland said her heart "just dropped" watching the scene unfold.

Hopefully, Richie and her hair are doing fine and were able to enjoy the rest of her birthday celebrations. We'll keep our fingers crossed that this is the last time she catches on fire while blowing out her candles.