Lennon Stella Answers Fans' Burning Questions in Real Time During IG Live

Lennon Stella has had a busy year on the road with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer, but now, the singer/songwriter is preparing to release her debut album Three. Two. One. next month on April 24th.

While remaining at home, Lennon took over iHeartRadio's Instagram account to go live for fans, and performed two songs from the upcoming project, stripped back versions of "Kissing Other People" and "Jealous." But, she also took the time to talk to fans in real time and answer all of their questions about everything from Three. Two. One., to unreleased songs, to touring with The Chainsmokers and 5SOS, and what she's been doing while in Quarantine.

Of her new album, she said, "I can not wait for the album to be out in the world. It's such a weird time to be putting out an album. This is all kind of, it's an interesting time to be doing it, but I am so excited for it to be out in the world. Can't tell you how excited I am."

Check out some more highlights from the Instagram Live session below.

On her favorite song to play live:

"Right now, I think it's 'Kissing Other People' just because everyone's hype and it's nice to sing a positive message in here, everybody chanting it back. It's fun."

On touring with Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer:

"That was so fun. It was so long. It was like three months and it was so different than anything I'd done before. I had literally only done like club size, theater size venues, so playing in arenas all of a sudden was just like, culture shock, but in the best way. And the Chainsmoker boys, just the sweetest people, and they made everything just so fun. They're very much like work hard, play hard, like they work very hard, but also have so much fun. And I'm like, I have more of a stick up my butt on tour. So they kind of loosened me up, which was fun."

On if she'll ever release her song "Paperweight" & why it didn't make Three. Two. One.:

"100% I'll release it. It just didn't make it on this album. For so long I've been writing, writing and writing, and having all these songs compiled. And then for an album, you want it to tell a story. And so there were songs that just didn't fit in the sequence of events, and the evolution that I wanted to portray. So, it didn't fit in this album, but 100% will be coming out in the future."

On her favorite song right now:

"This guy Louis Prince, the song called 'Half Acres' is craziness."

On what she's been doing during quarantine:

"This quarantine time, I have become full blown addicted to Tik Tok. Like, I maybe like it more than Instagram now. I mean, that's such a stretch, but it is so funny. It's like all my favorite meme pages on Instagram on one app." She addd later on, "I'm eating a lot. I've never had so much food in my pantry, so I can't stop eating it, because I'm just like, it's there and I'm bored."

On her favorite Avril Lavigne song:

"['Complicated']. She was my first concert I ever went to."

On her favorite place she's ever visited:

"Probably Bali was my favorite place I've ever been, as far as just visiting."

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