Kelly Ripa 'Shut Down' Daughter's Debit Card For Ordering Postmates

Kelly Ripa told a hilarious story about her 18-year-old daughter Lola Consuelos's excessive Postmates usage that many other moms will find highly relatable. While chatting with co-host Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa revealed she had never even heard of the popular food delivery service until she checked her daughter's debit card statement. Instead of using her New York University meal plan, Consuelos was ordering all her meals via Postmates.

“I didn’t know our daughter had Postmates,” Ripa explained to Seacrest. “She’s at college and we signed her up for a meal plan, cause we’re not monsters. We signed her up for a meal program. But you know, she doesn’t like the meals at school so she was ordering Postmates. Here’s what would happen. She would order the $7 salad but it would cost $25 dollars to have it delivered three blocks in New York City.”

As anybody who has ever used Postmates (or other similar mobile delivery services) know, there can be a ton of extra fees associated with your order. Like Ripa said, the cost of an inexpensive $7 salad can quickly grow in price once you add service fees, delivery fees, tax and tip in. The convenience of Postmates, too, can make it a pretty enticing option for the days you don't feel like venturing out of your dorm room, especially if your mom is unknowingly fitting the bills.

Once Ripa found out about her daughter's Postmates habit, she made sure to intervene. “Oh we shut down that debit card account she had,” Ripa told Seacrest. It looks like Consuelos will be heading to the dining hall with the rest of her NYU classmates from here on out.

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