A Decade of Champions

We’re reaching the end of a decade and taking a look back at each and every championship winner in pro sports. Scroll down to see the celebratory moments.


2019: New England Patriots 

2018: Philadelphia Eagles

2017: New England Patriots

2016: Denver Broncos

2015: New England Patriots

2014: Seattle Seahawks

2013: Baltimore Ravens

2012: New York Giants

2011: Green Bay Packers

2010: New Orleans Saints


2019: Toronto Raptors

2018: Golden State Warriors

2017: Golden State Warriors

2016: Cleveland Cavaliers

2015: Golden State Warriors

2014: San Antonio Spurs

2013: Miami Heat

2012: Miami Heat

2011: Dallas Mavericks

2010: Los Angeles Lakers


2019: St Louis Blues

2018: Washington Capitals

2017: Pittsburgh Penguins

2016: Pittsburgh Penguins 

2015: Chicago Blackhawks

2014: Los Angeles Kings

2013: Chicago Blackhawks

2012: Los Angeles Kings

2011: Boston Bruins

2010: Chicago Blackhawks


2019: Washington Nationals

2018: Boston Red Sox

2017: Houston Astros

2016: Chicago Cubs

2015: Kansas City Royals 

2014: San Francisco Giants

2013: Boston Red Sox

2012: San Francisco Giants

2011: St. Louis Cardinals

2010: San Francisco Giants

Photos: Getty Images

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