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Mario Busts Courtney Documentary Cheating! Does Your Spouse Do it?

Major scandal in Casa Lopez this week! Courtney has been busting documentary cheating on Mario! Basically they have an agreement (according to Mario) that before watching any doc they check with the other person to see if they would be interested in watching it together. Well, Courtney has been secretly watching docs behind Mario's back without checking with him first! We've confirmed at least 3 cases of doc cheating.

This scandal dates back a couple years to when Courtney busted Mario for DVR cheating on her with the TV show 'Better Call Saul'! Mario made it even worse by having the star of 'Better Call Saul' address the DVR cheating on social media! Check out all the madness below and tell us if your significant other has ever DVR or documentary cheated on you! @ONWithMario on twitter!