Twitter Thinks Meghan Markle Is Pregnant Thanks To Her Latest Outfit

Is Meghan Markle pregnant? That's what everybody seems to be wondering these days, even though it's really none of our business. The speculation was at all-time high today (Oct. 12) because of the loose-fitting outfit the Duchess of Sussex wore to Princess Eugenie's wedding. Meghan looked fabulous (of course) in a navy knee-length dress with a matching coat by Givenchy. She kept the top of the coat buttoned up, creating a tent-like effect that kept her torso well covered throughout the wedding ceremony. 

Another reason royal watchers were speculating about a possible pregnancy is because Meghan kept her coat on and buttoned even when she was inside St. George's chapel. While for us ~normals~ this may seem odd, female royals are actually forbidden from taking their coats off in public. Yup. That's a real rule Meghan must now follow that she's a member of the royal family. 

Still, though, royal watchers took to Twitter to share their beliefs about a possible royal baby being on the way. 


Though it feels fun to wonder about a Baby of Sussex, it's also important to remember that Meghan is still human who's entitled to some privacy despite her very public life. The Firm will surely announce the news when the time is right. Until then, get excited about all the outfits Meghan is going to wear on her first official royal tour. She's heading to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Kingdom of Tonga with Prince Harry later this week.

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